Know the safety tips of using a backpacking stove

backpacking stovePlanning for an adventure trip or for hiking a snowy mountain? Want something tasty and healthy to eat during these outings? Try a backpacking stove. It is a portable stove that can be carried easily in your back pack. These days backpacking stoves like MSR Dragonfly is being used widely and you must know the safety tips of using them so that no accident takes place.

Canister stoves – If the stove is a new one, it may have little air at the top. If there is a tip in the stove, a large yellow flame may come up and hence you must be careful while igniting the stove. One must not use any windscreen while working in a canister stove. It is advisable to carry matches which are storm proof if it happens that the Piezo igniter is not working.

Liquid fuel stoves

Never fill the fuel tank to the full as with heat, fuel starts expanding. This leaves an air space which prevents an excess build up of pressure. If you have plans not to use the stove for a long period of time till your next trip, it is advisable to keep the fuel tank empty. You can use a wind screen and also a heat exchanger when you are into a cold weather or long trips as it helps to boil fast and saves a lot of fuel.

While using, be careful to see that fuel is not spilled on the bare skin and under cold conditions it may lead to frostbite as there will be fast evaporation of fuel.

Do not ever use oxygenated gasoline as the additives there may damage the vital parts of the stove in the process. While cooking in a camping stove, always use a lid and check all the fuel lines and leaks before you ignite the stove for your own safety.